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Making Learning Visible With Maker Education

April 27, 2021

4:00-5:00pm CDT

The 21st century requires critical thinkers who can solve problems in new, creative ways. In addition, more than ever before, changing technology will require students to be masters of independent, self-guided learning. So, how can we facilitate learning experiences that promote creativity, critical thinking, independence, and other crucial skills that prepare our students for this constantly evolving world? In this webinar we will explore how weaving maker education into instruction can create authentic learning experiences that teach the concepts and skills students need.

About the Presenter

Lindsay Simmons, M.A.

Lindsay Simmons, M.A., Professional Learning Specialist, has several years of experience working as an upper elementary school teacher and has most recently served as the STEM Education Programming Manager for a science center in Pennsylvania. She has her master’s degree in Art History with a Museum Studies Certificate and has a passion for learning about most effective engagement strategies, in both design and learning.

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